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Stove Mica Isinglass


Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










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Chambers, O'Keefe, Magic Chef, Western-Holly, Wedgewood...NEW Parts, Free Used parts search, EXPERT Services, REBUILDING.

   GENERAL Brand New Stove PARTS... Various Manufacturers... Call (805) 643-3532 or Email

Chambers, O'Keefe, Magic Chef, Western-Holly, Wedgewood...NEW & UESE parts, EXPERT Services, REBUILDING.

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Burner Gaskets-High Quality, New...Chambers, O'Keefe, Magic Chef, Western-Holly, Wedgewood...NEW & USED parts...EXPERT Services & REBUILDING.


2"  center to center, 

2-9/16"  length   /   1-1/4"  width

Measure to avoid restocking charge.


Call or Email for Other Styles / Sizes.

Send picture of old gasket w/ measurements.

" Comanche"

Burner Gasket Replacements at Left


Most MID-CENTURY 40s - 50s Ranges



Sets of Four - $15.95


Sets of Six - $23.95

Premium Grade Quality

Made to last the life of your stove.


Set(s) of FOUR Heavy Duty  'Comanche' style. 

Quantity - SET(s) of Four:

  Made to Last the Life of Your Stove.

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Set(s) of SIX Heavy Duty  'Comanche' style. 

Quantity - SET(s) of Six:

Made to Last the Life of Your Stove.

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For Your Information:   When getting your Antique Thermostat temperature controller Rebuilt ...

Loaner 'Block-Off Kits' are available so you may use the Stove Top while your thermostat is being rebuilt.

Good for most 40s, 50s, 60s stoves - Free with purchase of  thermostat rebuild.

Also... NEW Anchor Clips available for thermostat 'Capillary / Diastat / Sensor Tubes' that clip to the top of the oven - 1930s to Present.


Antique Stove Chrome Handle - Adjustable

Handles - Chrome - just $27.75 each



1930s to 1960s Ranges




Overall length is 13-1/2".

Mounting Slots Adjustable

from 5" to 12-1/2".


Comes with Hardware and Bolts.



Antique Stove Pilot Assembly

Pilot Assembly Replacement


Ovens or Broilers -

Universal 9B - two styles:

2 hole - Natl/LP - 3/16" or 1/4"

4 hole Kit - Natl/LP - 3/16" or 1/4"




Most 50s Ranges


Email pictures:


Original style pilot assemblies replace worn out mid-century units.

Identical design.

Complete - Ready to Install

Thermocoupling is extra.


Thermocoupling Sizes available:

Click for Discount prices!


Mini-pilots available -  

Email pictures to:

Antique Stove Regulator


Use Secondary Regulators for your antique stoves Best stove performance.


Regulates Gas Pressure

throughout your stove - Use for either

Natural Gas or Propane - Convertible, just flip over the cap.

No extra Fittings needed. Only $49.70


Fits 3/4" pipe - Easy Installation


Antique Stove Thermocouple Checker

Pays for itself over 'n over again!


'The CHECKER' for Thermocouples

Used to check if there is a problem

with either the 'safety' or thermocouple.


MOST 40s - 50s Ranges

If your oven or broiler

will not ignite, use this 

handy 'Checker'.

Diagnose problem thermocouple

in just One Minute! - only $27.00

Do-It-Yourself for the Safety

Unscrew the threaded end (A) of the thermocouple from the safety valve and into the checker (B). Hold  in for 1 minute. 

If end pops out the thermocouple is bad.* Requires no electricity or batteries - no meters to read or technical knowledge necessary. 

Can also be used to test thermocouples outside of stove with just a lighter.

Good for the life of your stove. 

(Extremely limited supply.)

Antique Stove Switch for Oven Lite


(Left ) - For Oven Door Light

Push Button, on/off, 

125 / 250v,  - just $15.70 each

screw terminals, momentary off.


           (Right) - Panel  Switch several types available

Antique Stove Switch for Panel

New Thermocouples

Bull-Dog Strength

  Heavy duty, extra sensitivity, longer lasting, fully tested,

1 year warranty


Thermocouples - used with

safety valves / safety systems.


24", 30", 36", 48" ... $19.70


60" to 72" ... $47.70





WIRE - High Heat

Three Strand Fiberglass


Discount Price!

$29.75 for 5' Roll  

Only $5.95 per foot!





   O'KEEFE & MERRITT Brand New Stove PARTS...     Call (805) 643-3532 or Email

O'Keefe & Merritt Springs, parts search-send picture, Full Restoration / Services.

*Avoid restocking charge by measuring correctly.

O'Keefe & Merritt

Folding Canopy Top


Brand NEW!

Now you can restore the function of the O'Keefe & Merritt Folding Canopy Top on your classic range and stop it from crashing down forever!

Custom manufactured heavy duty springs replace tired out, snapped or missing old units.

Order your O'Keefe & Merritt

Folding Canopy Top Springs today!

Just $39.50 for Set of 2 + shipping.

(CA residents 7.25% tax.)



For ALL O'Keefe & Merritt

Products - Click.

Installs in a jiffy!

same spot as the originals ...

directly on back of the range ...

no tools needed!

ORDER 2 for Even performance ...

For even tension Set of 2 Springs: Set of 2

O'Keefe & Merritt Knob w/o Bezel

O'Keefe & Merritt



Plastic Part only (fits into a Bezel) includes metal strip in center. Lays flat/no stem.

No screws, uses flat metal 'spring' (not incl).

CONCAVE - base shape goes "down - like a valley". Just $27.00 each



OKM #2 - SET:  White Dial with Chrome Bezel. Lays flat/no stem. Dial is CONVEX, base is up like a hill. Aluminum strip down middle. Chrome Bezel - ON / OFF w Arrows. Limited Stock. Only $49.57



Bezels - OK&M - for Convex style dials. Limited stock. Bezels fit behind top burner dials. $20.57 each

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OK&M Dial - Concave:



Prevent Top Burner DIALS and VALVES from breaking...Use 'Valve Cream'

Comes with Easy How-to Instructions.

Each jar has enough to lube average stove 8-10 times...also used on Springs, etc.


Engineered Extra thick and Extra long lasting...

Click to order.

Current TOAC Mem? You Save $2.00!


O'Keefe & Merritt Handle

O'Keefe & Merritt 

Original Parts Search


1. Whole handle(s) or ,

2. Plastic part(s) only or,

3. Chrome corner(s) - with 2 half moon openings ( 1 - 5/8" from center to center of openings). Specify - left, right or both.


Email your Handle measurements :

For example:

White part is 10" edge to edge.

Screw holes are  6" center to center.

Whole handle is 14-3/4" edge to edge with chrome corners.

Email pictures of your handle front and back for an original Parts Search.  

O'Keefe & Merritt Burner Caps

O'Keefe & Merritt 

BURNER CAPS  - just $18.50 each

Greatly increase simmer burner performance and gleaming new cosmetic appearance.





O'Keefe & Merritt Salt and Pepper Shakers, Drop Ins



SPECIAL Restoration Products

The Perfect Finishing Touch!


Regular discount price...

Only $69.00 per set!



O'Keefe & Merritt 

Salt & Pepper SHAKERS FOR 1950's.


Drop-In type, Set(s) of 2 

Have 'S' and 'P' on tops



   WEDGEWOOD Brand New Stove PARTS...   Call (805) 643-3532 or Email

Wedgewood Knobs


DIALS (1950's style)

Just $29.00 each

Wedgewood Bezels


Bezels or Escutcheons (1950s style)

Aluminum w/ embossed text - screws included - just $21.50 each

    Front, Back and Grid (Griddle)      


Stainless Steel - plain - screws included


 'deep cup' style bezels not available,

     no returns.

   TAPPAN  Brand New PARTS...   Call (805) 643-3532 or Email for information.

Tappan Knobss

DIALS - Now BACK IN STOCK!  Brand New Replica of the Original !


Email pictures of your dial front and back, plus how many needed.


Or, good used Original antique top burner dials may be available.

We will do a 'parts search' for an exact match.

Current availability and price will be emailed.




Click for New GENERIC Dials1  or 2 and SPRINGS or CABLES more parts at 

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Also available, 

Tappan Owner's Guide for 

Super 85 Series, Super 60 (w/ foldout detailed diagrams), plus 60 and 

70 Series - 50 pages.


   CHAMBERS Brand New Stove PARTS...   Call (805) 643-3532 or Email



Aluminum - (New, not used) $9.25 per foot.

Note: This is not the thin-walled kind that is not considered safe.

5/32" Sleeves and Nuts also available.

Click to see Tubing PICTURE at  -  Enter Keyword:  5/32", Search

Call (805) 643-3532 to Order.




Click PICTURE for larger view.

40s - 50s, B or C Models

       $91.50 - Set of four - (23.50 ea) Save

       $136 - Set of six - (23.50 ea) Save

       Current TOAC Members - Save $5 more Buckaroos.

Chambers stoves generally weigh between 550 to over 1000 lbs.

We recommend you do not mix and match with the old original legs -

New legs mount in packing crate holes next to original leg holes.

To prevent damaging new legs, do not mount in original leg holes.



NEW Chambers 'heavy duty' style legs are made to last a lifetime.


Set of Six - $136:



Set of Four - $91.50:


Click for TOAC Member subscriber benefits ...  Mems SAVE $5 ... below



Save $5 - TOAC Mems pay $131


Save $5 - TOAC Mems pay $86.50



Special Savings...

TOAC Members

Save $5.00




Exciting News:  Eliminate Rare, Expensive, Chambers bulb replacement. 
Risk of 'shattering a bulb' when removing or 
reinstalling is a thing of the past.

Backed by 40 Years of Chambers Expertise.

Standard bulb replacements available at most supermarkets.
EASY to install - goes inside the 'eyebrow' of the stove.
Send in your old unit, switch, clips (important), and light. 
To place your order to have a Chambers C light fixture revamped ...
Call (805) 643-3532 or Email today.



50s Chambers 'C'

LIGHT  Module Service
Revamp  includes:


Two 25 watt incandescant Bulbs,
New Service Card (operates the system),
New Cord,
New Recepticles,
and New Switch
Clips and Truss Screws.


Remove screws, cut wires.
Label wire going to switch.

40s Chambers 'B' model LIGHT Service

Fixture Socket and Switch Service        
   Wire Harness includes wire nuts and instructions and 
         switch replacement, new recepticle.       
   Keep your fixtures.        
   Prices depend on parts needed once inspected.       

40 Years of Chambers Expertise.


New Free - 2 Light Bulbs with Service        
   1.  Clear or Milk glass         
   2.  Candelabra style       

Call (805) 643-3532 or Email today for instructions.


Chambers Burner, Griddle, Broiler, Oven Handles - Flash Tubes

Handles, Flashtubes, Barrel Nut Pins

ChBtopsprng.jpg (41253 bytes)

40s-50s Chambers 

TOP picture - Handles 

Griddle Lift Handle (not pictured)

Oven and Pantry Door Handle (inside and outside)

Handles come in three sizes. Can be used for 40s-50s, B or C model Chambers.

Griddle lift is on the far left and wider than others - comes with a 'set screw':

4-3/8" length x 1-1/2" depth x 1-5/8" width

Note: there are 2 types of griddle lift handles:
The three-part system ( w blk washer) is Not available new.

The all steel w/ chrome one-part system handle is available NEW.

TIP:  The griddle lift handle with the 3 pins and black spacer washer are harder to find originals because they all broke so easily. Help Prevent breaking of this type of griddle lift handle, grease the gears in the griddle box -

take off side of stove to do this. To take apart your stove, see Chambers Technical Manuals - B or C.

TIP: To identify - C model Chambers have a Timer - near oven temperature dial.

May use high heat Valve Cream to do this.


Specialty Items

Flash Tubes - 9/16"o.d. - manufactured for Chambers.

Barrel Nut Pin - 7/8", 1" overall -

for Chambers Oven and Pantry Door Handles.


Always Measure parts - restocking charge applies.


Chambers Inner Door Panels

40s-50s Chambers 

B or C models


Inner Oven Door Panels 

Black Granite speckled or

Solid Black -

Just $137.00


Listed & Available NOW  in TOAC SHOP

Chambers Stove Guides:

1. Idle Hour Operations Guide, How to SAVE GAS, 1940s to 50s , B or C models.

2. Fireless Catalogue - 1920s 

Chambers Back Issues: 

1.   Fall 1997 - Fascinating History and Marketing of Chambers'

2.   Winter 2001 - Chambersville featuring 1950s Giant Imperial and B Models - LARGE, Medium, and Small' 

2004 Volume X, Issue 3 - Featuring an inspirational

3.  Chambers 'C' Hearth-style Kitchen Design in NYC article with Today Show executive Lydia Robertson ...

Technical Manuals - Fully illustrated for

'B' or 'C' Models.

Questions ? Call (805) 643-3532.

Chambers Clock Timer Repair

40s-50s Chambers 

Timer Replacements


Instructions for your Timer Replacement:
To have your timer replaced, you will need to send in the old timer core and the dial. Call for details.




How can a NEW AGA 'Safety System' benefit you?

Safety Systems

Chambers and Other Stove Manufacturers.

Assembled or Not Assembled - Regulator Included.


  MAGIC CHEF Stove Parts...   Call (805) 643-3532 or Email for information.

Magic Chef 

Pilot Replacement Parts Service

Just one moving part – adjusts with screwdriver!

Finally - An easy solution for vintage 

Magic Chef central pilot problems.


Using matches to ignite burners was not the way a Magic Chef was 

meant to be used. Now, a new fully adjustable valve can be 

retrofitted to the pilot assembly to eliminate this problem. Just 

send in the old (complete) pilot assembly exactly as you 

see it pictured. A new retrofit setup will be added to your 

original pipe and housing. Reinstall it, adjust the pilot and viola, 

no more manual lighting ever again!

(Call for shipping directions. 

Assembly pictured was polished to enhance photographic detail)


   NEW-OLD STOCK Stove Parts...   Call (805) 643-3532 or Email for information.

Late 40s-50s 



Oven / Broiler

Bryant Igniters

Safety Valve and Pilot System

 All-In-One +

Extremely Limited Supply


New Old Stock Top Burner Valves

Harper Wyman for O'K&M stoves

* Valve polished for picture only. NOS parts are not polished.

   OBSOLETE Stove or Refrigerator Parts

Burner Grates

Email a picture plus measurements to identify.

Handles / Knobs

Email pictures - front, side and back, plus measurements.


Email a picture plus 

height / width / depth.

Shelves / Racks

Email a picture plus 

width / length.


Please feel free to call or email us for Obsolete Stove Parts that are no longer manufactured.

Also, click for GENERIC Dials1  or 2 and SPRINGS or CABLES more parts at 

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Service your old top burner valves... Top Burner VALVE CREAM

Available Now! High Heat INSULATION






Guessing the value of a stove over the phone is not accurate.

We don't do it! 

 We are not psychic.

*For information about your stove see Appraisals page.




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