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Designed specifically for lubricating antique and classic range valves and domestic appliances.



Tested per American National Standards Institute (Z21-1987) in an evenly split 10,000 'on' and 'off' cycle run at both 250 degrees and 72 degree temperatures.



Contains no abrasives or hazardous materials.



Will not turn to shellac or varnish since it is inorganic in formula.


5. Manufactured to  American Gas Association Specifications.


Old gas valves can leak raw gas.


Old grease, stuck in valves, turns to 
varnish and causes 'skipping'.


Cheap grease breaks down, providing little 
or no sealing protection.         


Antique gas valves, poorly lubricated, 
can get galled and permanently ruined.         


Valves may seize up without warning
breaking priceless classic dials.


All New Easy to use No Waste Container.

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NEW! Enough Valve Cream for
36 Applications or More...

Multiple Use!

High Heat!

Use 'Valve Cream' for: 

thermostats, top burner valves ...

springs and cables too!

FREE Illustrated top burner valve Instructions!
Let us know the era and brand of stove for closest lube chart.
For use with thermostats, see  Adjustment Service Tech Guides
Chambers stoves only - Please let us know which style valve you have in Checkout - 'Comments'.   Either:
Barrel Valve with threaded cap ( like a jar cap lid ). Or:
Valve with 2 screws - 1 each side to hold the valve in place.
You need 'Valve Cream' to save precious valves or rare dials.
Smell Gas Around Your Old Range?  Most old stoves leak raw gas because the valve is either damaged or the lubrication has evaporated or turned to varnish! Have a service tech help you if you are unsure how to apply.
Phone consultation is not available for this product.
Comes with Detailed Illustrated Instructions for your top burner valve type.
Type in your stove and 'approximate' decade in 'Comments' section when placing order.

Get the EASY SOLUTION - in a JAR...

If you own  a classic  range, the paramount protection you can give old valves is 
Vintage Range ' Valve Cream'. Known world-wide as the finest stove gas valve lube made.
For mere pennies per application, you can stop dangerous raw gas leaks and
preserve and protect these vital valve parts on your range for
many years to come. Also can be used on cables and springs!

Miracle Cream Application provides A-1 results to

1930s Magic Chef valves...

Dear Jack,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your help and advice on helping me relubricate those vintage valves with your miracle cream on my 1930s Magic Chef stove. All works great and servicing the stove myself has given me a new respect for it. It's so satisfying to

"Do It Yourself" as it were. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P. Sheary,

Washington, DC

All Mid Century Antique Stoves...

Dear Jack,

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the parts that we ordered from you for our 50s O’Keefe & Merritt range. My husband went crazy with the valve cream, he loves it. Thank you again.  I am so glad I found you; I would have been very disappointed if I had to get rid of my stove.

Jill Bernis

St. Martinsville, LA


Enclosed is a picture of our Quick Meal--we just love it.  Note the six-burners with flowered handles.  I used your Valve Cream to stop the propane valve stem leaks---and it worked great!!!  Thanks for such a great product!

G. Giaimo

Ferndale, CA




NEW JAR !  Enough for 36 or More applications on most stoves. Still Only $21.95 !

To receive FREE Illustrated LUBE CHART and Instructions

 for your style stove -

in 'Comments' at checkout -

type in your stove manufacturer -

Chambers, O'Keefe & Merritt, Magic Chef or other

and approximate decade (1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s).

email a top burner valve photo to: 
If there is no indication of your stove valve type then instructions for most popular 1940-50s instructions are emailed.


Questions?: Call 805-643-3532 or, Email:

Keep Original Top Burner Valves in Good Condition with 'Valve Cream'.




In shopping cart 'Comments' - type in your stove manufacturer & approximate decade (1920-30s, 1940-50s, 1960-70s) to get closest correct Instructions. (If there is no indication of your stove type then the most popular instructions for 1940-50s instructions are emailed.)


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If ordering by PayPal:

$21.95 plus $6.20 s&h = $27.08
(CA residents add tax of  $1.65)

Use email: .

Describe order:  'Valve Cream'.

Multi Use high heat! use on   Springs and Cables too!

Triple Compound! Service Only every 4-5 Years! One time purchase! Longest Lasting!

(Others are gone in only 6 months!) Please do not gunk up valves with WD-40 or Vaseline.

Always keep a JAR of triple compound high heat 'VALVE CREAM' on hand!



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