Stove Mica or Isinglass

Stove Mica / Isinglass / Mica Window for Antique Stoves

Mica is suitably used as windows in Kerosene stove, Wood stoves, Furnace peep-holes, microwave ovens and other fuel burning stoves

Transparent Clear Stove Mica also called as Isinglass or Mica Window used in woodstove windows since the 1700's!

Made by peeling thin layers away from a stone related to quartz, it looks like clear plastic. It is easily split with your fingernail and separated to your desired thickness. Mica can be cut to any size easily with ordinary scissors.

More Mica FAQ's


bulletMica Stove Panels
bulletMuscovite Mica
bulletMica is a natural mineral product.
bulletThere may be some imperfections in transparency.
bulletStandard thickness .003 - .006 inches (3 - 6 mils)


Antique Stoves offers Mica in 2 Qualities

bulletClear Mica (Minor Inclusions)
bulletSlightly Dotted Mica

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