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Stove Mica Isinglass


Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










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The Sweetheart Wood & Coal Cook Stove wood stove made in USA


- Heating capacity: 35,000 Btu/hr heat output - 800 to 1500 sq.ft.


- Solid cast iron cooking surface

- Cooking surface dimensions: 29 1/2" x 21"

- 1.7 cubic foot oven

- Upper warming cabinet


- Ideal wood length: 16"

- Top or front fuel loading

- Large firebox for improved efficiency (less chopping and stoking)

- Ash pan on sliding track


- Available with or without 5 gallon copper water reservoir with spigot, which provides hot water for dishes, humidifying, canning, etc.

- A water jacket may be ordered for domestic hot water heating.


- Optional Coal Grate Kit (must be ordered for coal burning).


- Optional Fresh Air Kit (may be ordered for intake of outside combustion air)


- Optional Heat Shield for reduced installation clearances.

Check installation manual for clearance specifications


- Summer grate stand. (Optional - part #4271)

- Weight: 400lbs 440lbs

- Flue size: 6"







Sweetheart with Reservoir $5,700
Coal/Wood grate for Sweetheart-

Heavy cast iron grates.


Optional Rear Heat shield for Sweetheart $270
Fresh Air Kit for Oval Stove-

Allows Stove to bring in fresh outside air for more efficient burning. 10 lb

Stainless Water Jacket $270





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