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New Wood Cook Stoves

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Stove Mica Isinglass


Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










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Flame View, Wood Cook Stove
Gem Pac
Margin Gem
Flame View Heater


Margin Stoves

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 Wood Cook Stoves

Cook your meals and heat your home with one of these beautifully crafted  Wood Cook Stoves

All Margin Stoves are U. L. Listed

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Margin Gem wood cook stove Heating capacity of 1750 square feet or more

Margin Gem 2002 with Reservoir

Wood Cook Stove

Flame view, wood cook stove,Heating capacity of 2,000 square feet or more

2011-B Flame View with Reservoir

Wood Cook Stove


Gem Pac Model 2020-B

Wood Cook Stove

Flame View Heater Model 2015

Wood Cook Stove






Airtight, Bell Draft controlled fire box with cast iron grates

Exclusive "Air Jet" Re-burn design, Greatly reducing creosote problems common in most airtight fire boxes

Large ash trays below grates for convenient ash removal

Copper water reservoir

Porcelain black oven interior

Porcelain exterior finish throughout, availed in white, almond and black

Tested by Interteck Testing Services to ULC-S627/CSA B366.2m  --UL 1482 standards


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